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Multi-car pile-up causes the death of Florida woman

Inattentive driving, speeding, following too close to another driver or texting and driving all have the potential to cause a serious accident. In some cases, these types of negligent behaviors cause a car accident that has the potential to affect numerous drivers.

Recently, a Florida woman died and three other people were sent to the hospital after six vehicles were involved in a chain-reaction crash. The accident occurred on U.S. Highway 98. The woman was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended by another vehicle. The force of the impact caused four other vehicles to crash. The woman was sent to the hospital where she was declared dead.

When a chain-reaction crash occurs, sorting out fault can be difficult. Usually, a car that rear-ends another car can be found liable for the crash. This is because all drivers have a duty not to follow too closely to vehicles in front of them.

However, when that rear-end accident causes the car in front to rear-end a third vehicle, liability becomes a bit more tricky. For example, if car A rear-ends car B, and car B rear-ends car C, car A may be liable to car B, and both cars A and B may be liable to car C. Determining the proportion to which each driver is liable is also a complex topic.

No one likes to be rear-ended and a multi-vehicle crash only increases the chances for injuries and property damage. Fortunately, there are professionals whose job it is to sort through issues of fault and liability, and to ensure victims are compensated for their losses.

Source: nwfdailynews.com, "Woman dies after six-vehicle crash," July 24, 2013

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