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Two die in accident with garbage truck on a Florida highway

Every day drivers in Florida share the road with vehicles of all sizes, from motorcycles to automobiles to tractor-trailers. In all situations it is important that drivers operate their vehicles safely and defensively. However, this is especially true of drivers of commercial vehicles.

Two people lost their lives after a garbage truck collided with their vehicle. The accident occurred in the early hours of the morning. According to police, the victims' minivan was heading south on the inside lane of traffic alongside a garbage truck that was heading south on the outside lane of traffic. According to police, the driver of the garbage truck abruptly turned left from the outside lane in an attempt to cross the median of the road. The driver of the minivan was unable to stop his vehicle and collided with the back wheels of the garbage truck. The force of the collision caused the van to overturn. Both victims died at the scene of the accident. The garbage truck driver was unharmed.

A crash involving a passenger vehicle and a much larger vehicle, such as a garbage truck, semi truck or bus can be especially destructive and deadly. The sheer size of these commercial vehicles only serves to magnify the damage they cause in an accident. When faced with one of these vehicles, a much smaller automobile simply does not stand a chance.

Because of the dangers involved in such crashes, it is imperative that drivers of large commercial vehicles understand the limitations of their vehicles. Oftentimes this involves taking care when braking, accelerating and making left-hand turns. Should a driver fail to exercise reasonable care and cause an accident that injures or kills another person, the driver could be held liable.

Victims of truck accidents can suffer permanent injuries. In the worst of circumstances, they can lose their lives. Medical costs and other expenses can quickly become overwhelming. However, through a personal injury lawsuit, victims of truck accidents and their family members can obtain the financial resources necessary to recover from the accident.

Source: jacksonville.com, "Jacksonville accident on Philips Highway kills 2," Dana Treen, Aug. 23, 2013

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